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Indigo Batik Sleep masks | Blue Silk sleep mask

Indigo Batik Sleep masks | Blue Silk sleep mask

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Handmade Silk Sleeping Mask
19 x 9 cm (7.5 x 3.5 inches)

- This sleeping mask can block the light out to help you sleep quicker, better and deeper during the night or during a long flight.
- This front side is made reusing the vintage indigo-batik decorations on a Hmong’s old jacket. Indigo-batik is the method when the artisans draw the patterns by hand using beeswax, dye the fabrics several times with indigo extracts and then boil the fabrics to reveal the original hand-drawn patterns.
- The inside is made of dark blue silk.
- The band is adjustable to the size of your head.
- The pattern will be selected randomly or you can contact us if you like something in particular.
- 100% handmade

19 x 9 cm (7.5 x 3.5 inches)

- Dry-cleaning or washing with cold water and mild washing detergent recommended.
- All handmade products are subject to minor imperfections, which actually make the products more unique.
- Due to different lighting, the colors of the product in the photo might be slightly different from those of the actual product.
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