About Viethnic

Viethnic is a portmanteau of “Vietnam” and “Ethnic” (artisans), and our mission is to bring the deep-rooted, distinctive and beautiful Vietnamese culture to the world.

Founder Hamy created Viethnic with a passion and commitment to preserve Vietnam’s identity. She was raised in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh, which allowed her to understand the plentiful traditions that the ethnic minorities in Northwestern Vietnam have to offer. Hamy and her team hope to encourage the younger generations in these villages to pursue careers in traditional craft by raising awareness that it is a sustainable livelihood.

Beyond the goal to help people, Viethnic is committed to minimizing negative environmental impacts during production and distribution processes. All products are made using natural resources and plant-base dyed fabrics with zero-chemical treatment. Viethnic also aims to lessen the consumption of disposable plastics by using paper and fabric materials.


How do I wash/clean Viethnic's products?

It is recommended to dry clean or wash our products with cold water and mild detergents.

Do you accept wholesale?

Yes, we do accept wholesale. For wholesale quotation, please email us at contact@viethnic.com

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do accept custom orders. For more details, please contact us via our email contact@viethnic.com or DM us via our Facebook page Viethnic Handmade.

Products do not look like those in the photos?

Due to different lighting, the colors of the product in the photo might be slightly different from those of the actual product.

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