The Combination of Vietnamese Traditional Craft and Foreign Techniques

The Combination of Vietnamese Traditional Craft and Foreign Techniques

The capacity of human creativity is endless. Throughout the course of time and in countless number of fields, we have witnessed different creative techniques from different countries regarding arts and fashion. In fashion, the renovation and renewal of many nations’ traditional costumes have not only brought about more comfort for the ones who wear them but also created a fresh trend in other aspects of the garment industry: the art of combining traditional values with more modern ones.

At Viethnic, even though we strive to maintain and promote the time-honored techniques of the tribal groups, such as indigo batik or hemp-weaving, we do not exclude ourselves from the new waves of foreign methods. As we are trying to bring Vietnamese cultures overseas, our target customers are mostly foreigners. This is also another reason why we desire to include recognizable foreign techniques into our production process. One of the techniques that we are currently testing out is quilting. When examining different types of materials, Viethnic’s design team found themselves impressed by quilting fabrics and decided to gain more knowledge of this technique. Quilting is known as the method of sewing layers of fabrics together to make the final material nice and thick. Quilting technique is believed to arise from America in the late 18th century. This technique is first-handedly used to make the most of old cloths, as the batting layers of the new blankets were actually found to be the pieces of antique ones. 

With the indigo-batik product line, we are slowly but surely approaching our goal of conserving traditional textiles by carrying out antique methods and reusing vintage cloths from tribal people. However, following the trend of blending different kinds of techniques, Viethnic team decides to experiment new ways of utilizing tribal patterns and fabrics by applying quilting in some of our newly designed products. (see main photo). 

Different from our traditional designs, this new type of product will bring a modern-yet-vintage atmosphere into every house. This experiment also marks the start of Viethnic’s new intention, which is diversifying our product ranges by combining traditional fabrics and methods with foreign and modern techniques. With this wide variety of products, we hope that the demands of Viethnic’s customers from different parts of the world will all be met when choosing Viethnic.

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